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Industrial Lasers available from NL-TEC

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article image HD-Series of diode lasers

NL-TEC  provide distribution services for a range of industrial, optics and line lasers. The HD-Series of diode lasers supplied by NL-TEC are designed for industrial applications in harsh environments. The optics, which produces a high quality collimated beam, can be focussed to suit application and distance without the aid of a tool, and the line position is maintained during focussing.

The rugged stainless steel housing protects the laser diode, optic and electronic circuitry. To safeguard against mains transients and power variations, the laser diode is galvanically separated from the power supply. The wide range input capacity enables these units to be used with all typical low voltage power nets.

The industrial lasers supplied by NL-TEC have a wavelength of 635nm (red), divergence of about 0.5mrad and beam diameter of 5x2mm at exit. NL-TEC’s industrial lasers have a focussing range from 30mm to ∞. The industrial lasers distributed by NL-TEC come with voltage protection, soft start, free polarity and lockable features. These industrial lasers are available with operating temperature ranges of -10 to +40°C.

NL-TEC’s industrial lasers have a power consumption rate that is less than or equal to 1.5W. The HD-Series of diode lasers come with an average lifetime that is less than 100.000h.

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