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Series 1000 alcohol analyser

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The series 1000 alcohol analyser is a near infrared transmission spectrometer designed to measure alcohol in wine, beer and any other clear beverage. The series 1000 alcohol analyser is based on a solid-state diode array optics system that scans from 860 to 1020nm.

Within this spectral region, O-H and C-H bonds absorb NIR energy. The O-H groups measure the water and alcohol in the sample and the C-H compensate for sugars, organic acids and other hydrocarbons in the beverages. 

Samples should be equilibrated to 20C in a water bath, prior to measurement. The series 1000 alcohol analyser uses a 30mm path length sample cell with a built-in thermistor. The temperature of the sample is measured and used to correct the analysis back to 20C.

Up to 10 product calibrations can be stored in the system’s memory. Each calibration model can be adjusted using a slope and bias correction. An autocalibration routine provides a means of correcting each calibration model using an external standard. The standard sample is analysed and the alcohol% result is shown on the screen. The value is adjusted up or down using the keypad, to match the value of the standard and the corrected bias is stored in memory. This procedure allows the operator to quickly check and adjust the calibration models and thereby maintain the accuracy of the analyser.


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