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article image NTAS is fully functional.

NIR Technology Australia has released a demonstration version of the company's chemometrics software. NTAS is a software suite developed to provide users of NIR Technology Australia's instruments the ability to develop applications using discriminant analysis and partial least squares regression.

The major attraction of NTAS is the ease of use, yet it offers a comprehensive range of chemometric tools to collect spectra, transform spectra, extract spectral information and to develop models to make quantitative and qualitative measurements.

NIR calibration can be developed using partial least square regression. Library searching and spectral identification is available using discriminant analysis.

The demonstration version of NTAS is fully functional and is provided with spectral files. The version does not allow spectra files to be uploaded or the calibration model to be converted.

NTAS allows you to download spectra from a NIR anlyser and display the spectra. This can be done both in real time and from saved spectral data. The spectra data can be manipulated to show 1st and 2nd derivative spectra as well as SNV and MSC spectra.

NTAS runs on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. It requires 64Mbyte Ram and CD-Rom drive.

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