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NIR Technology Australia introduces Whole Grain Analysers

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NIR Technology Australia has introduced Test Weight and Screenings determination for the Cropscan 2000B Whole Grain Analyser.

Wheat and Barley are analysed for protein and moisture at receival using NIR Whole Grain Analysers, such as the Cropscan 2000B. As well, Test Weight or Hectoliter Weight and percent Screenings are measured using a set of sieves and a balance. The Cropscan 2000B is now offered with a 5kg scale that is interfaced directly to the analyser to measure the Test Weight and Screenings along with the Protein and Moisture.

The operation is to fill the ½ litre container and place it on the scale. Initiate the Cropscan analysis procedure. The weight of the container is recorded in memory and the Cropscan measures the Protein and Moisture. The ½ litre of grain is then placed into the appropriate sieve and shaken forty times. The Screening, ie, the small and broken grains plus chaff and other seeds are collected and weighed. The Cropscan records the weight and calculates the percentage of Screenings out of the original ½ litre grain sample and shows all four parameters on the LCD screen, ie, Protein, Moisture, Test Weight and Screenings. The results can then be printed, stored in memory or sent to a PC for further processing.

The Cropscan 2000B has recently received NMI (National Measurement Institute) Certification as being suitable for measuring protein in wheat and barley. With the Test Weight and Screening measurement capability, the Cropscan 2000B Whole Grain Analyser provides a comprehensive analyser package for grain buyers, grain traders, feed lots, flour mills and even farmers with on farm storage.

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