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Easy to operate dairy analyser

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article image Can be used in the laboratory or in the dairy.

NIR Technology Australia has released the NIT-38 Dairy Analyser for measuring fat, water, sugar and protein in cheese, yogurt, milk, milk powder, dairy spreads, butter and margarine using NIR (Near Infrared Transmission) spectra.

NIR light passes through a sample of milk or cheese where the protein (N-H), water (O-H) and fat (C-H) bonds absorb energy in proportion to their concentration.

The NIT-38 Dairy Analyser uses a diode array spectrometer. This unique optical system has no moving optical components and is independent of orientation and vibration.

The analyser has been designed for ease of operation and requires only two simple keystrokes for an analysis. Along with the compact size and rugged construction, the NIT-38 can be used in the laboratory or in the dairy.

The built-in PC controls the operation of the instrument, computes the fat, protein, moisture and sugar level and then displays the results on the LCD screen.

Data can be stored in the analyser's memory and later downloaded onto a PC. Alternatively, the analyser can be controlled from a PC and the data stored in the PC.

NIR Technology Australia offers a powerful software suite, NTAS, to allow method development and PC control of the analyser.

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