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Ultra-high output electronic alarm

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THE Syrex 9M is an ultra-high output electronic sounder manufactured from rugged cast aluminium and designed for use in areas of high background noise or where ear defenders are often in use.

Manufactured by Klaxon Signals, the Syrex 9M is available from NHP Electrical Engineering Products .

With a sound output of more than 120dB and a choice of tones, the sound from the Syrex 9M penetrates noise from machinery and equipment to provide effective warning in the most difficult environments.

With an IP65 rating, the 9M is equally suited for use in both fire and industrial warning applications where other sounders cannot be heard or where an alarm is required to cover a great distance.

The Syrex 9M is ideal for use on conveyors, cranes, moving machinery, railway tipping wagons and can be used as a process control or fire alarm.

The Syrex 9M is available in a choice of colours with low voltage dc and high voltage ac units available. In cases where both audible and visual alarms are required, Klaxon and NHP also offer the Syrex 9M XN which includes a powerful xenon beacon.

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