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NHP Electrical Engineering Products has released two touch screen terminals.

The VT155 has a 4" display. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This allows user screens in portrait or landscape orientation. The analogue touch screen provides four levels of grey tones with an extended lamp-life LED display.

The VT525 has a 5.7" colour touch-display. User projects can be made up of up to 150 pages each with help screens and more than 1500 variables. 256 ISA alarms can be activated with bits or analogue thresholds while standard graphic image formats (BMP, TIFF, JPG, etc) can be used to construct lifelike pages.

The base models have an MSP port (RS232, RS422, RS485, current loop and MPI) which allows connectivity to the front-end device. Reports and alarms may be printed by connecting a serial printer to the second ASP port. An optional integrated 10/100 Ethernet port on the VT525 allows connection to LANs. Profibus DP and CANOpen fieldbus networks are also supported.

The terminals have over 150 protocols developed to communicate with devices like PLCs, servo drives, and temperature regulators. VTWIN is used to program the entire range of ESA terminals from the low-end text based panels to the high-end graphics based touch panels.

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