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Terasaki MCCB product range extended

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article image Tembreak Plus -- more choice.

THE newest member of the Terasaki MCCB family, the Tembreak Plus 125A~50kA to 1250A~125kA range, is now available from NHP .

Tembreak Plus MCCBs offer more choice for more applications by improving selectivity and increasing breaking capacity.

The Tembreak Plus range can substantially reduce damage to electrical systems by limiting the peak let through current and energy let through during fault conditions.

Exceptional current limiting performance is achieved through the utilisation of a unique contact structure, the fast break mechanism (FBM).

The U-shaped contact of this mechanism assists in the electromagnetic repulsion of the contact tips for fast arc extinction.

The 50kA Power Breaker series uses one FBM per pole whilst the Limitor Breaker series uses two FBM per pole to achieve its rating of 85kA.

The Power Breaker series also features improved fault interrupting capacities at 100% Icu/Ics.

The selectivity (SE) series (e.g. XS400SE2503) utilises microprocessor-based protection, giving increased selectivity ratings, and electronic trip unit with long short and instantaneous adjustments.

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