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Condensation forms in an enclosure when it is exposed to fluctuating ambient temperatures. This can cause corrosion and lead to serious malfunctions, through the failure of components such as circuit breakers, relays, circuit boards and transformers.

Outdoor equipment is particularly at risk, since condensation occurs with the shift between warm day-time and cooler night-time temperatures. Seasonal climatic changes or sudden temperature drops during summer thunderstorms can also produce significant condensation damage. Even indoor systems can be at risk in certain applications, e.g., when components in an enclosure heat up during operation and then cool down after being turned off, or when an enclosure is so tightly sealed (e.g. to keep out water) that the ventilation is restricted.

Stego enclosure heaters from NHP are the answer to protecting valuable equipment from condensation damage. By keeping the temperature inside the enclosure higher than that of the ambient air, Stego heaters keep condensation at bay and protect the valuable components within.

Stego has an extensive range of fan heaters, semi-conductor heaters and thermostats, suitable for a wide range of enclosure sizes and applications. Designed for quick and easy installation, Stego heaters feature DIN rail mounting options, fast heat-up time and self regulating operations.

Possible applications for Stego enclosure heaters include Form 2 Motor Control Centres, switchboards in outdoor applications (e.g., quarries and mines), control panels, electronics enclosures, gate mechanisms, traffic speed cameras (particularly where the cameras will be installed into extremely cold, snowy conditions) and refrigerators (to prevent condensation on the door of display refrigerators).

Stego heaters offer safe and effective protection against the problems caused by condensation.

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