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Soft starter motor management system

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THE Aucom IMS2 digital soft starter motor management system from NHP maximises machine performance in order to improve overall plant efficiency.

The IMS2 provides operational functions and features targeted towards five key areas:

Motor starting- Advanced digital soft start technology enables maximum motor starting efficiency with significant reductions in electrical and mechanical stress.

The choice of four starting and three stopping modes, all provided as standard features, further ensures optimum performance is achieved in any industrial application.

Motor protection - A comprehensive motor protection strategy with a user programmable Motor Thermal Model ensures full utilisation of the motor without fear of motor failure or the inconvenience of nuisance tripping.

The IMS2 offers further benefits in two speed motor applications by enabling the user to program independent starting, stopping and protection parameters for each motor speed.

System protection - A range of user adjustable "system" protection functions prevent mechanical damage of the driven machine as well as the motor. This ensures uninterrupted operation, resulting in maximum up-time and maximum productivity.

Performance monitoring and control - The continual monitoring of system conditions (even when operating in bypassed mode) combined with the availability of a variety of output signals, enables full utilisation of machine performance.

Standard interface features include a combination of fixed and programmable control inputs and outputs, fully programmable analog output and a comprehensive fault and status display.

The addition of serial communications and fieldbus connectivity, also standard, provides a total solution for fully automated plants.

When the motor simply has to go - In order to further maximise production, IMS2 soft starters offer several unique features that enable a motor start, for example, immediately after an overload trip.

To ensure these functions are not abused, they are accessible only to nominated staff through a password protected programming structure.

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