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Screwless terminations save time and money

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article image Krone Terminator IDC terminals.

A COMMON cause of terminal failure is simply where the operator fails to tighten the screw correctly. To eliminate this problem screwless terminations, available from NHP , have been developed. These new terminations are faster to fit and improve productivity.

One of the most efficient styles of wire termination is Insulation Displacement Technology (IDC) developed and improved by Krone Australia.

This style of termination simply requires the cable to be cut and inserted into the terminal with a special tool.

The tool forces the cable into the contact, displacing the insulation at the contact points whilst the jaws of the contact grip the central conductor of the wire forming a gas tight and secure connection.

Connection is made without the need for stripping the cable thus saving time and money in the installation. This is particularly efficient where large amounts of connections are required.

Whilst IDC terminations are often met with scepticism they are proving in practice to be fast, extremely reliable and capable of exceeding the performance of many screw type terminations.

Krone Terminator IDC terminals are rated up to 500V for low to medium voltage applications and are suitable for cable sizes up to 2.5mm.

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