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UNTIL now, wiring a three-phase motor required three through terminal blocks and one earth conductor terminal block. With terminal blocks suitable for 4mm2 wire size this usually results in a total terminal block width of 24mm.

Now, a new alternative is available: the WAGO rail-mounted terminal block for wiring of electric motors, available exclusively from NHP Electrical Engineering Products .

Only 6mm wide, the terminal block connects three phases and earth without compromising the connectable conductor cross section, marking possibilities or service.

The Cage Clamp connections are specially designed for flexible wires (4 mm2), but can also clamp 2.5mm2 wires with ferrules. The contact of the earth foot to the DIN carrier rail is made automatically when snapped on.

Each clamping unit has a receptacle for markers from the standard WAGO WSB or WMB marking system making the wiring clear. An additional receptacle for marker strips in the centre of the terminal block is provided for group marking.

On both sides of the terminal block, each clamping unit has a test point for test plugs with a diameter of 2 or 2.3mm. Additionally, on the motor side a test to ground can be carried out.

With only one 6mm wide rail-mounted terminal block for one three-phase motor or other multiphase loads, the WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks save considerable space on the carrier rail and cut down on time for assembly.

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