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article image A coordinated system of components.

THE Sprecher + Schuh advanced control system (ACS) from NHP offers a solution for controlling and protecting motors.

ACS is a specially coordinated system of components which allows simplified equipment selection, product integration and installation.

ACS encompasses Sprecher + Schuh KT7 motor circuit breakers, CA7 contactors, CEP7 electronic overloads, CEP7C 'networkable' motor protection relays, CCA communicating auxiliary modules, CT7 bi-metal overloads, PCS/PDS compact soft starters and the new KA7 busbar connection and mounting system.

This range of products enables the construction of modular and demountable motor control systems.

The contactors and circuit breakers combine in a high-performance compact starter. They feature high making and breaking capacity while the circuit breakers provide high interruption ratings, achieving type 2 coordination automatically.

In a similar manner, PCS and PDS soft starters can be fitted to KT7 motor circuit breakers or CA7 contactors. This provides a complete motor starting combination capable of being fitted on to the KA7 busbar system or for standalone operation.

The ACS’ innovative design features a fully compatible range of product that can be combined via special wiring modules to form high performance compact starters.

This means motor circuit breakers, contactors, soft starters and overload relays can be connected together and simply fitted on to the KA7 busbar system to provide a flexible and impressive motor control solution.

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