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New range of four pole contactors

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SPRECHER + Schuh’s CA 7 range of four-pole contactors, offered in several contact configurations from NHP, provides a compact design for specific applications.

In addition to being equipped with either four N/O, two N/O and two N/C, or three N/O and one N/C contact arrangements, they are also available in ac or dc coil versions.

The CA 7 range of accessories is suitable for both three-pole and four-pole models.

The Sprecher + Schuh 4-pole contactors are AC 3 rated up to 23A or 32A for AC 1 applications up to 60ºC. The flexibility afforded by its different contact combinations enables the CA 7 4-pole range to fit the technical requirements of special applications.

In high impedance-earthed networks a neutral conductor may carry high voltages. Total isolation can be achieved by utilising a four N/O contactor type.

Other areas of application include heating and lighting systems, pole changing motors with separate windings and emergency or backup generators.

In some instances, a single four-pole contactor may even be able to replace two conventional contactors such as in the case with pole-changing motors. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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