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New concept in safety panelboards

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article image Concept – a new dimension.

NHP has released Concept Powersafe providing a safe solution for varying applications and adding a new dimension to the NHP Concept Panelboard range.

The complete panelboard offers a solution for stringent OH&S requirements.

The design offers a safe and flexible system enabling maintenance to be carried out without the threat of injury to personnel. It also eliminates costly downtimes where upgrades are required.

The system utilises two separate cabling zones, the Distribution zone and the Cable zone, with the zones being segregated from one another.

The Distribution zone houses individual isolators mounted on a chassis. These isolators can be easily changed from single pole to multipole without opening the zone, where live cables are present.

This is done by sliding different toggles onto the isolators that protrude through the escutcheon. The isolators are then wired down to the Cable zone below.

The Cable zone houses fully shrouded circuit breakers and terminals that are controlled by the above isolators.

The fully shrouded components allow a safe working environment, complying with OH&S requirements.

Maintenance and upgrades can be conducted in the Cable zone minimising the threat of exposed electrical parts.

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