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New concept in multipurpose panelboards

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article image Concept Premier -- additional features.

NHP has released a new panelboard type -- the Concept Premier -- to complement the Concept Plus multipurpose panelboard and the Concept ‘economy’ panelboard.

The Concept Premier has all the features of Concept Plus, but also includes important additional features, such as a greater box depth, a genuine IP66 rating, the option of stainless steel enclosures, and a floor mounting plinth.

Because of the additional depth of the Concept Premier the number and size of accessory items such as isolators and contactors is greatly increased.

In addition, the modular design allows standard boxes and accessory boxes to be connected together lengthways or side by side. This modularity enables custom designs to be quickly built, but also allows cost savings because of the modular yet flexible design.

Concept Premier panelboards are available for SAFE T, DIN T, 125A and 250A MCCBs or combinations thereof. This new panelboard replaces older panelboards such as the TPP and NPP Premier panelboards whilst incorporating an expanded range of features.

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