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New XOW series of TemBreak 2 MCCBs from NHP offers advanced functionality

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NHP Electrical Engineering Products  introduces Terasaki’s innovative XOW series of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) designed for advanced functionality.
Part of the new extended TemBreak 2 range, the XOW series of MCCBs combines energy metering functionality with high-performance overcurrent protection in one compact unit.
The XOW series of TemBreak 2 MCCBs offers advanced functionality in a compact frame size, making it ideal for any distribution system that demands and prioritises efficiency.
Key features of XOW series TemBreak 2 MCCBs:

  • Built-in LCD screen displays metered variables such as maximum phase current, power factor and power demand
  • Integrated CTs and VTs eliminate the need for additional wiring and complexity
  • Modbus communications allow information to be accessed by an optional external meter or higher SCADA system enabling monitoring of overall energy usage
  • Electronic trip units offer fully adjustable LSI protection for high selectivity
  • Advanced protection functions such as ground fault, neutral phase protection and phase rotation available to suit multiple applications
  • Trip unit stores and displays information about most recent trip event, including fault level and tripping time
  • Assists users in identifying the source of the fault and determining safety aspect of reclosing the breaker

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