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Network connection of field devices

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SPRECHER+Schuh's CCA communication module is an intelligent way to connect field devices into a network via DeviceNet or can be simply used to monitor the input/output status of a starter application.

Available from NHP Engineering Products, the compact 22.5mm wide module is a cost-effective way of connecting field devices to PLCs.

Incorporating up to four inputs and two outputs per module, the status of the inputs and outputs can be seen by the LED's mounted on the front panel. A choice of 24V dc and 110V ac control is available.

Inputs can be activated by auxiliary contacts, circuit breaker trips, signal contacts, pushbuttons, proximity switches, limit switches and isolator contacts.

An advantage of using the 24V dc input version is that input can continue to be monitored after the control power has been shut off. This is because the 24V dc input versions source input power from the DeviceNet network.

Outputs of the CCA are either solid state (transistor max. 30V dc) or high capacity output relays for a long switching life (max. 5A @ 240V ac).

Like the inputs, when an output is energised an LED indicator shows its status. The two input version of the CCA has one output while the four input version has two outputs. The outputs of the CCA can be used to energise contactors, pilot lights, solenoids, alarms and more.

CCA can be installed in field starters and controlled from a remote PLC. The addition of other field devices such as limit switches is also possible.

The CCA communication module is simple to understand, easy to wire, very compact and a cost-effective way to take advantage of a DeviceNet network. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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