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NHP’s Terasaki TemBreak 2 MCCB available

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Terasaki TemBreak 2 MCCB With NHP’s Terasaki TemBreak 2 MCCB's in one’s installation, power system protection becomes efficient, reliable and convenient for onsite fitting of accessories. Increased kA ratings means stronger breaker performance and better cascading possibilities. Electronic adjustment has never been easier, now with the new OCR options. With the aid of a screwdriver the desired tripping characteristics can be set with just one turn of the curve dial.

The TemBreak 2 range of products includes:

  • Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB's)
  • Switch-disconnectors in the same compact moulded case frame sizes as MCCB's
  • A comprehensive range of accessories, which are common to MCCB's and switch- disconnectors including transfer switches and handles, just to mention a few

There are many reasons why the newly released Terasaki TemBreak 2 MCCB's goes beyond the standard.

These include:

  • Field fittable internal accessories
  • Higher kA ratings in smaller frame sizes to 200KA
  • Common frame sizes 400/630A, 160/250 = 12A to 250A
  • IP54 and IP65 handles
  • Symmetrical door cut-out patterns
  • Increased thermal magnetic MCCB flexibility
  • Electronic protection in a 250 A Frame
  • 250 A frame MCCB's: 12 A - 250 A on a common chassis
  • Compact transfer switches
  • Increased transfer switch controller options
  • Visual safety
  • Direct opening

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