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NHP and Sprecher + Schuh offers unique range of CA6 contactors

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Over the past 19 years, NHP in partnership with Sprecher + Schuh, have expanded on the unique range of CA6 contactors, providing local industry with a complete selection that now covers 1000 volt AC3 ratings up to 500kW.  

In 1993, NHP launched the very first ‘electronic coil’ version of the CA6 contactor, which has provided unparalleled advantages for demanding applications. These applications include steel mills, rock quarries, mines, or for any middle kW application where a durable contactor is needed.  

The uniqueness of the ‘electronically controlled mechanism’ (ECM) has been further enhanced recently with the inclusion of a built-in PLC interface. With the EI version, an electronic circuit regulates the voltage to the contactor coil. This is achieved through the use of an ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) which precisely controls the pick-up and drop-out levels of the contactor.  

This provides decisive advantages for the user, which includes:

  • very low pick-up and hold coil consumption (constant VA)
  • no contact chatter because of the defined pick-up and drop-out voltage which gives high contact reliability
  • reduced heat within magnet system
  • safety arc chamber interlock
  • wide voltage tolerance of coils  
Robust and versatile are two words that describe these CA6 contactors. In conjunction with fuses or circuit breakers, Type-2 co-ordination can be achieved and they have both high thermal and switching capacity.  

A wide range of accessories complement an already impressive contactor, including:

  • mechanical interlock, which interlocks all CA6 contactors within the range – includes built-in N/C auxiliaries.
  • up to 8 auxiliary contacts
  • flexible busbars and mounting plates available for quick assembly of starter combinations
  • choice of electronic motor protection
  • plug-in voltage suppressors  
The CA6 contactors are one of the most respected and used in the electrical world. With the range manufactured to the most internationally exacting quality standards, it guarantees fit for purpose and a long lifespan unprecedented in the industry.

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