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NHP Electrical Engineering Products offer harmonic filtering solutions

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The VSD installations can produce unwanted electrical noise and high harmonic distortion. To protect the site and electrical installation against unwanted harmonic distortion and more importantly to comply with the harmonic requirements in AS/NZS 61000.3.6:2001 and State electricity regulations, NHP Electrical Engineering Products have a wide variety of options available to reduce the on-site harmonic distortion.

Harmonics in electrical installation can affect the maximum capacity of the supply transformer, lead to excessive neutral currents resulting in heating within supply cables, reduce power factor, result in premature failure of electronic devices, cause damage to power factor correction equipment and can trigger failure of bearings in electric motors from shaft currents through uninsulated bearings.

By reducing the on-site harmonic content, the users will reduce their power consumption, improve efficiency, increase equipment life and most importantly reduce their overall operating costs.

The methods of harmonic mitigation NHP Electrical Engineering Products can supply include input reactors ranging from 11-1250A, passive and active harmonic filters, which provide complete harmonic mitigation of both voltage and current distortion.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products can also provide advanced Active Front End/Regenerative VSD solutions, which produce an extremely low level of harmonic distortion in addition to providing benefits for managing regenerative energy back into the mains power grid.

To assist in the correct selection of a harmonic mitigation solution, NHP Electrical Engineering Products provide an on-site harmonic analysis audit conducted by qualified and trained Engineers, so as to identify problem areas and work with the customers to develop a cost effective solution.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products can also assist with the reduction of harmonics using a combination of the methods mentioned for other harmonic generating loads within the installation.

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