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NHP Electrical Engineering Products introduce the new Sirco M range of load-break switches

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NHP Electrical Engineering Products  have launched the new SIRCO M range of modular load-break switches and accessories, which are available from Socomec. NHP Electrical Engineering Products’ supply partner Socomec, having experience in design and manufacture of low voltage control and protection products, have also produced a completely new, modular switching concept, covering the range 16 - 125A. SIRCO M range of modular load-break switches combines with the existing Socomec range of load-break switches to offer solutions to a variety of power switching and control applications, ranging from the latest 16A rating right up to 4000A.

In developing this new product, NHP and Socomec have sought to provide uncompromisingly high electrical performance from a compact and modular design that can be integrated into a wide range of commercial, industrial, mining and other applications. These applications range from incomers and feeders to local safety isolation or machine control. With the SIRCO M, users can configure direct or external front, or external right side operation, or convert a standard three pole device to a multi-pole load-break switch or changeover switch.

With a reduced number of standard components, users can create systems well adapted to their load-break or changeover switching needs. The SIRCO M provides a new technical concept that combines the features of a load-break switch and a changeover switch in a highly innovative modular design. By taking a 3-pole switch and adding standard accessories, a 4, 6, 8 or even a 9 pole load-break switch or a 3 / 4-pole changeover switch can be created. Changeover switches can be a simple (I-0-II) changeover or a (I-I+II-II) make before break changeover operation.

With the addition of add-on 100% rated neutrals, auxiliary contacts and terminal shrouds; SIRCO M provides a truly adaptable and cost-effective option for various switching requirements. The compact switch sizes also enable SIRCO M to be easily mounted into a wide range of enclosure systems, ranging from panel boards, load centres, custom control panels, main switchboards or door/ panel mounted for local machine control. The SIRCO M can be DIN rail or screw mounted.

SIRCO M switches utilise contact point technology that can be used for a large number of electrical operations and a patented operating mechanism that enables the operation of the device in every orientation, without de-rating.

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