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Multifunctional motor protection relays

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article image CEP7-C2 relay -- broad variety of control functions.

NHP has introduced the CEP7-C1 and CEP7-C2 motor protection relays from Sprecher+Schuh.

Enabling comprehensive motor protection and preventative alarm functions, these electronic devices also offer a broad variety of control functions and communication by DeviceNet connection.

The CEP7-C1 and CEP7-C2 electronic motor protection relays represent a further addition to Sprecher+Schuh's Advanced Control System (ACS).

These multi-functional devices with integrated communication can be directly fitted to the ACS CA 7 contactors, up to 85 amps. They can even be applied to applications of up to 5000 amps if a primary current transformer (CT) is used.

In contrast to conventional motor protection relays (which simply trip when a fault is detected and stop production) the ACS relays detect a faulty condition and trigger a warning condition before a trip is to occur.

This provides plant personnel with the opportunity to intervene early and avoid a breakdown in plant production.

The ACS CEP7-C1 and CEP7-C2 motor protection relays contain a series of important safety functions, such as overload, phase-failure, under-load, and asymmetry protection.

In addition, the CEP7-C2 version is fitted with a thermistor input and a ground fault (earth) protection function.

By simply setting the parameters, the motor protection relay's warning and trip functions can be adapted quickly to the needs of varying applications.

The additional inputs and outputs simplify control and reduce the wiring effort. Such functionality in a single compact device enables optimum use of electrical switchboards, shorter installation and commissioning times and simplified diagnosis.

The relays are equipped with an integral DeviceNet interface, which enables the output of operational data and conditions as well as the input of control commands for optimising production.

The diagnostic information accessible through DeviceNet, comprises warning and trip condition, trip and reset times in case of overload, as well as a record of the last five trips.

The relays use Hall effect current sensors, which permit the precise measurement of individual phase currents, even under difficult conditions, and comply with the CE, UL, and CSA standards.

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