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SPRECHER + Schuh's CEF1 electronic motor protection relay from NHP utilises solid state technology to provide accurate thermal overload protection, even under the most rigorous starting conditions.

This economical unit shares many of the same features as our CET4 electronic motor protection relay, such as adjustable degree of inertia, single-phase protection and individual LED fault indication.

The CEF1-12, 42 and 52 also offers thermistor over-temperature protection and over-current warning.

Because an increase in motor operating temperature reduces the winding insulation life, accurate thermal overload protection is critical.

The CEF1 monitors actual motor current through integrated current transformers. By combining time and current values, the solid state electronics provide a very accurate assessment of heat build up in the motor.

CEF1 relay provides an application range from 0.5 to 630 amps. Dipswitches on the front panel provide very precise setting of both motor full load current and desired tripping time. Other features such as single phasing are a standard feature.

The CEF1-12, 42 and 52 can be fitted with an optional CEL1 remote indicator, that can be installed in the front of a control panel or some other convenient location away from the CEF1 unit itself. The CEL1 remote unit includes all status LED's and a remote reset button.

Another point to make is that the CEF1 is ideal for motors that require either LOW inertia or HIGH inertia start up (longer or shorter acceleration times). This means the degree of inertia is (or trip class) totally adjustable from 2 to 30 seconds. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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