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article image KA 7 busbar mounting system.

THE new Sprecher + Schuh KA 7 busbar mounting and connection system from NHP is a versatile and simple solution for assembling powerful motor control systems.

An integral part of the Advanced Control System (ACS) motor control components, KA 7 caters for a variety of starter configurations and their associated control equipment.

An extensive range of busbar adaptor units with several mounting options is available including those with a width of just 45mm to save on panel space.

In addition, supply modules complete with covers provide a neat and convenient method for connecting incoming cables up to 300mm2.

Also included is a dual purpose feeder module that serves as a busbar support as well as an incoming cable connection point for more compact systems.

The KA7 system also introduces a unique concept to the range with DeCon modules.

DeCon modules allow the user to remove a starter without exposing the busbar. This allows production to continue safely without the need to isolate the complete system.

By using a screwdriver, the equipment carrier section can be separated from the base. As a result, the base remains fixed to the busbars leaving it completely shrouded. This reduces the need for scheduled downtimes for performing maintenance.

Also with the use of control plugs for connecting field wiring, the control wiring can be left in the panel when removing the starter and simply plugged back in when the starter is replaced.

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