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Motor circuit breaker disconnect device

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article image Safely isolate a drive at the motor circuit.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products has released the KT 7-25-TRE disconnect device. This device suits Sprecher + Schuh KT 7 motor circuit breakers (up to 25 amps) for both standard and high breaking capacity models.

Its innovative design enables the user to safely isolate a drive at the motor circuit breaker whilst preventing accidental or unauthorised re-starting.

KT 7-25-TRE comprises a removable section which ensures physical disconnection from the power supply when removed. This section can only be withdrawn when the circuit breaker is in the 'OFF' position.

The facility to fit up to two 6mm padlocks to restrict the reconnection of power to authorised personnel only is also available.

When disconnected, checks on the motor circuit breaker and its auxiliaries can be performed without applying power. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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