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Monolothic pilot devices from NHP Electrical Engineering Products

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article image Sprecher + Schuh D7D Monolithic series

The Sprecher + Schuh D7D Monolithic series is the new price effective range of 22.5mm control and signalling pilot devices available from NHP Electrical Engineering Products .

Combining most of the features of the standard D7 series, the monolithic series is a range of complete pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches and emergency stop devices that have been assembled to suit the most common applications.

Constructed from high quality industrial grade thermoplastic, the Monolithic series features a unique one piece body that incorporates both front and rear panel components into the one element that can be ordered with the convenience of a single catalogue number.

With the security of environmental sealing and one piece rear fixing, the D7D Monolithic range is the suitable choice for applications where easy and efficient ordering and installation is a priority.


Time saving

  • One part number ordering
  • Complete one piece panel mounting
  • Lenses, press plates and handles pre-fitted


  • Single rear fixing nut
  • Tamper-proof press plates and rotary handles
  • IP20 finger protection on terminals


  • Positive detent on selector switch to prevent hang up between positions
  • Optically enhanced lenses on pilot lights
  • Integrated LED lamp technology


  • UL type 4/4X/13, IP66 sealing
  • Chemical resistant industrial grade thermoplastic body
  • Corrosion and UV resistant


  • Modern low profile appearance
  • Ergonomic press plates and handles
  • Concave press plates on pushbuttons


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