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article image Expansion modules are inserted directly into the microcontroller.

NHP has released the Alpha2 minicontroller. It includes a PID controller function block with autotuning functions, an output module with two analogue outputs, and a temperature/voltage converter for direct connection of PT100 and K-type thermocouples.

It also has an enhanced display, a program capacity of 200 function blocks, expansion capabilities, a second communications port, and communication capabilities including mobile phone SMS text, 15 new function blocks and remote maintenance via modem.

The Alpha2 is also capable of having its I/O expanded. It has different expansion modules for additional inputs and outputs allowing for an extension of up to 4 inputs or outputs . Each of the four base units can be expanded with one I/O expansion module for a total of up to 28 I/Os.

There are seven expansion modules currently available. These include four digital 24Vdc inputs with two integrated 1KHz counters, four digital 240V ac/dc inputs, four relay outputs, four transistor outputs, an output module with two analogue outputs (0-10V/4-20mA) and an input module with two analogue inputs (PT100 and K type thermocouple).

These modules are inserted directly into the Alpha2 and do not take up any additional space.

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