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Long life control and signalling equipment

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article image Suitable for use in harsh environments.

NHP recently released the Sprecher + Schuh range of D7 22.5mm control and signalling equipment.

These new operators are produced in thermoplastic or metal variations and have been designed to ensure long life and reliability. Bushing, bezels and lenses are produced in durable glass filled polyester.

The thermoplastic range of pushbuttons (D7P) is suitable for use in harsh environments and is durable against solvents, chemicals, coolants and alcohols. The metal range (D7M) is ideal for heavy industry. Both ranges are rated for IP66 protection and are UV and corrosion resistant.

New hard wearing flexible diaphragm seals ensure secure sealing, as they are not reliant on lubrication, while formed gaskets provide sealing against irregular panels.

Pushbutton electrical contacts can switch both high currents and extra low voltage/currents.

D7's specially designed ‘H’ contacts with wipping action provide high AC15 switch ratings with thermal ratings of up to 10A.

For very low voltages a specially designed low voltage contact block is offered with quadfurcated contacts.

Featuring four separate contact paths, this contact block offers reliability and eliminates contact bounce and intermittent operation. Rated at 1mA at 5V, this is suitable for many low voltage applications.

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