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Lever operated PCB terminal blocks

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article image Wago’s lever operated terminal block.

WAGO, a leader in spring clamp technology, has developed the 16A rated 255, 256 and 257 series of lever operated, angled, front or side entry PCB terminal blocks.

These terminal blocks combine compact dimensions with Wago's unique cage clamp connection technology for a superior product.

Distributed in Australia through NHP Electrical Engineering Products, the Wago lever operated PCB terminals include a guiding recess which locates the screw driver blade and combines the high contact force of the cage clamp spring with the low handling force resultant from the lever.

The net result is a reduction in operating force to operate the Cage Clamp to only 20N thus reducing the danger of damaging the printed circuit board or fragile electronic components.

Each conductor of the nominated cross sectional area of 0.08mm through to 2.5mm is clamped by a pre-programmed clamping force which automatically adapts to the cross sectional area of the conductor and is suitable for solid stranded and fine stranded wire types.

The Wago series 255, 256 and 257 PCB terminal blocks is available in six different colour variations, allowing installers the option of visual identification of function.

By combining variations of terminals, combinations of individual terminal strips can be produced from 2 to 20 pole. Even mixing terminals of different pin spacings within an assembly is possible.

The terminal strips are delivered in metric pitch which can be extended to imperial pitch by simply pulling on the end blocks. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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