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article image KT7 motor circuit breaker from NHP.

THE Sprecher + Schuh KT7 range of high performance motor circuit breakers (up to 45 amps) is available from NHP . Its sophisticated design utilises the latest technology in materials to produce short circuit and overload protection without the need for current limiters.

Due to its high speed tripping characteristics, KT7 meets the requirements for Type 2 coordination according to IEC 947-4, without oversizing the contactor.

This results in significant cost savings, space saving, rationalising of inventory and the saving of time in selection and system design.

The rotary handle of the KT7 provides clear visual status of the drive and a red short circuit trip flag indicator enables fault differentiation.

A full range of accessories is available, including front and side mount auxiliary and trip indicating contact blocks. The accessories are common for all KT7 motor circuit breakers to, once again, reduce inventory and simplify selection.

The KT7 motor circuit breaker can be fitted to Sprecher + Schuh CA7 contactors by simply connecting a wiring module, to offer compact motor starters. These are suitable for motor control centres and control panels.

KT7 is an integral part of the Sprecher + Schuh Advanced Control System (ACS), which is a specially coordinated system of compatible components.

These components form the ability to construct powerful motor control systems via a well-designed busbar mounting system or commoning links. This makes for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a compact solution for motor control systems.

KT7 is a high performance motor circuit breaker that simplifies switchgear selection and reduces inventory requirements.

There are no special selection criteria for Type 2 coordination as it is automatically achieved by the rapid short circuit detection ability of the KT7.

The availability of the KT3-100 motor circuit breakers extends the 'automatic' Type 2 coordination range to 90 amps.

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