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Flux vector drives available from NHP Electrical Engineering Products

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Santerno designs, produces and markets a full range of advanced Flux Vector drives suitable for all industry segments, which are exclusively distributed by NHP Electrical Engineering Products .

The Sinus range of drives has power ratings from 0.4kW to 2000kW and supply voltages up to 690VAC. With NHP and Santerno offering three models to choose from, there is a Sinus drive to suit your every application.

Each and every Sinus drive has a wide variety of I/O configurations in both digital and analogue control to suit simple requirements or use the optional expansion cards available for that more demanding application.

With the ability to integrate with a wide variety of fieldbus communication protocols including the popular DeviceNet, Profibus DP, Ethernet and Modbus plus having a minimal footprint size, retrofit installations with NHP and Santerno’s Sinus range is effortless.

Programming of the Sinus range is easy with the simple to follow quick-start menu on selected models plus the ability to program the drives, save configuration files, perform data logging functions and graphically view real-time data from your plant using the remote drive software available free to download from the internet.

The Sinus Nano available from 0.4kW to 2.2kW to suit a single phase 200-240VAC supply contains easy to use front panel controls and panel mounted potentiometer for simple speed control. Able to operate in basic V/f operation or in Sensorless Flux Vector mode for improved torque control, the Sinus Nano is suitable for all your basic motor starting requirements.

The Sinus Micro available from 0.4kW to 7.5kW in both single phase 200-240VAC and three phase 380-480VAC supplies has the same features as the Sinus Nano in addition to additional firmware capability making the drive suitable for use in HVAC installations with its Firemode operation.

For those high inertia loads the Sinus Micro also has 200% starting torque capability and is ready to go with built-in dynamic braking with the ability to use additional brake resistors to achieve higher breaking torque.

The Sinus Penta is the flagship drive of the Sinus range and is the latest fully featured drive to be released by Santerno. The Sinus Penta is available from 4kW to 1100kW in three phase 380-500VAC supply and 75kW to a massive 2MW in 3 phase 525-690VAC supply.

This model has an extensive range of control modes (including closed loop operation) and features to allow easy adaptation to all types of motor control applications.

The 4 line, LCD backlit alphanumeric display is easy on the eye with all information shown in plain English text.

All drives feature a full metal powder coated enclosure and provides robustness to suite the demands of the most arduous environments.

With internal EMC filtering, a host of options and accessories including remote keypad mounting kits the Sinus Penta is a good choice to standardise on during your next plant upgrade.

Further flexibility with the Sinus Penta is also achieved with the inclusion of an IP54 version for sizes up to 132kW. The IP54 drive is a stand alone wall mounted device which can be expanded to include a choke and additional pushbuttons and switches without affecting the integrity of the IP rating.

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