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Eriflex insulated flexible busbar

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article image Flexibar -- various widths available.

THE Eriflex range of Flexibar insulated flexible busbar, available from NHP , is suitable for "dropper" or "take off" applications from 125 to 3500 amps.

The rectangular design eliminates the need to terminate with crimped lugs and allows greater flexibility in tight switchboards.

Due to the flat nature of Flexibar, it can be drilled for direct surface contact to the apparatus or clamped to solid copper busbar.

Flexibar is available in various widths and is made from two to ten individual copper laminations, which are encapsulated in a high temperature black PVC sleeve.

The layering of copper laminates allows the copper conductors to disperse more heat than conventional cables, with the end result being a conductor performing at a higher current and cooler temperature.

Flexibar is sold in two metre lengths and is rated to 1000V ac or 1500V dc. It is easily formed and will hold its shape after it is bent.

There is no need to buy crimping lugs and expensive hydraulic tools, as in most cases Flexibar can be bent on site with a bench vice and worked with non-specialised tools.

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