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Enclosed manual motor starters

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NOW available from NHP, the Sprecher + Schuh range of enclosed manual motor starters offers a convenient solution for motor starting, isolation and protection.

The KT 7-AYT-25S features an IP 65 polycarbonate enclosure housing the highly regarded KTA 7 motor circuit breaker complete with short circuit and adjustable overload protection.

Suitable for motor isolation with the facility for fitting up to three padlocks, the KT 7-AYT-25S makes an economical and compact package.

This product is useful in applications requiring motor protection as well as simple on/off control such as extraction systems, lathes, compressors and pumps.

A full range of accessories is suitable for use with the KT 7-AYT-25S, for instance shunt trip, undervoltage trip and auxiliary contacts, to increase functionality and flexibility.

Available with black or red/yellow handle, it can be used as an approved isolator or even serve as an emergency stop or main switch (red/yellow handle).

The KT 7-AYT-25S offers simple installation up to 11kW (25 amps) whilst providing trouble-free control and superior protection for a wide range of applications and industries. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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