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Electronic catalogue features 22,000 products

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NHP's new electronic catalogue, E-CAT, lists more than 21,000 products, together with full pricing and technical information. A major feature of E-CAT is its powerful search tools, permitting users to search for products by specification, catalogue number, brand and product type.

Once a product is found in E-CAT, it can be added to the ‘pick list’. Predetermined discounts are applied automatically where necessary and E-CAT will display a nett price for each item as well as a nett total.

At the end of the shopping process, the ‘pick list’ can be saved as either an enquiry (for price and stock confirmation), or an order to an NHP supplier.

E-CAT also includes a new products section, as well as some special software tools. These include a lite version of NHP's protection selectivity design program Temcurve, and CadBlocks (CAD drawings).

Also included are multimedia presentations on NHP facilities and what the company can offer customers.

Version 2 is in now complete and will be released shortly. It contains some major enhancements such as:

A new installer easier to use (wizard format) which provides options to install to a network fileserver and work from shared orders/enquiry/customer lists using a mapped drive.

An update facility which allows NHP to make available an ‘update file’, which provides the latest data for E-CAT.

The inclusion of a personal items list. This allows up to 10 personal items which can be added to any enquiry or any order.

The inclusion of a save additional info button on the item info screen. This allows files to be saved to a different location, such as the tech data sheet, logo, photo, ratings chart for any item (from the item info screen).

The inclusion of 2000 more product images, updated tech data sheets, and more items with features and benefits.

NHP is planning to release E-CAT Online, a version of E-CAT accessible via the internet. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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