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ES&S partners with NHP on motor control technology to simplify tracking of satellite data

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article image The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Controller used in the satellite ground station

Australian company Environmental Systems & Services (ES&S) has partnered with NHP Electrical Engineering Products on an upgrade of motor control technology for one of their satellite ground stations in Richmond, Melbourne.

ES&S is an advanced technology company specialising in the manufacture and integration of environmental monitoring solutions and have a number of satellite ground stations set up across the globe to receive remote sensing data from polar orbiting satellites. The company chose to partner with NHP on the upgrade to allow simpler tracking and greater reliability.

Images received from these satellites are used for a wide range of industry applications including meteorology and weather forecasting, climate and global change studies, land based change detection studies, agriculture and forestry operations, wildlife research and more, increasing the need to ensure accurate and reliable data.

The upgrade project for the SATRAX 700 model ground station aimed to implement advanced technologies that would help produce a more efficient system to automatically track, receive, demodulate and process the data in real time and with minimal user intervention. ES&S required NHP’s specialised expertise in the field of motor control and automation to engineer a solution that enabled this functionality.

According to Gary Quinn, Chief Engineer at ES&S, their initial engagement with NHP was to address certain elements of the motor control on the SATRAX 700 upgrade, with the scope quickly expanding to cover the entire motor drive chain on the project including motors, controllers, encoders, I/O and more.

NHP and supply partner Rockwell Automation were able to provide a range of Allen-Bradley products for the project including a CompactLogix controller, Kinetix300 servo drive, MPL servo motors, Apex gearboxes and a Panelview touch screen terminal to interface to the antenna controls.

Michael Liberatore (Automation – Business Development) adds that the CompactLogix control system allows ES&S to use a less complicated tracking mechanism and take advantage of new technology, enabling them to continually develop their range of antenna solutions and create cheaper and more reliable systems.

NHP’s involvement highlights the value that quality automation and motor control products and solutions can bring to any application.

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