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Double decker multi-connection system

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article image MCS -- universal connector.

USING the new two-conductor female connectors for the WAGO Multi Connection System (MCS) conductors can be looped through from module to module without interruption.

The WAGO MCS is the universal connector system for printed circuit boards or other applications that allow cost reduction by pre-assembly.

Available from NHP , new female connectors (pin spacing 7.5mm) with two connections per pole have been added to this broad product range.

They allow conductors to be looped from module to module without interruption. The disconnection of one conductor does not affect connections of other modules.

Appropriate male connectors are available with Cage Clamp connection as well as with solder pins.

The female connectors are equipped with the Cage Clamp S connection, the universal spring clamp connection for all types of conductors. For flexible or stranded wires the spring is opened using a screwdriver.

Solid conductors (up to 0.5mm2) and flexible conductors with crimped ferrules can be inserted directly. Separate test slots can be accessed even with connected conductors.

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