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Connection system for shielded cables

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article image WAGO’s ‘optimum solution’.

WAGO has developed the series 790 shield (screen) connecting system, offering an optimum solution for connecting the shield potentials to ground.

Distributed by NHP Electrical Engineering Products, the WAGO 790 series offers four different sizes for shield diameters from 1mm to 40mm and is suitable for use at high frequencies of up to 100MHz.

The shielded clamping arms of the series 790 are supplied out of the factory in the open (spread) position, ready for direct connection to the cable offering a substantial installation time saving.

A key feature of the clamping system is the spring material of the clamp. This is an integral part of the clamping thus preventing the braiding from being damaged and compensating for any deformation in the braiding, whilst still ensuring the connection is unaffected by vibration.

A variety of WAGO mounting systems are offered by NHP. The WAGO series 790 connection system can not only be mounted on a copper busbar (10mm x 3mm) but can also be mounted directly onto the metal side of a switchgear cabinet, thus saving cost.

Three variants of busbars (10mm x 3mm) with grounding feet are available for assembly on a DIN 35 carrier rail and once mounted in this stable way, the WAGO clamping saddle can also act as a partial strain relief for the shielded cable.

The WAGO series 790 cable clamps can also be mounted directly onto the metal side of a switchgear cabinet. Apart from the four holes in the fixing plate, only a shield (screen) clamping saddle suitable for the diameter of the conductor is required.

If it is not possible to mount the clamp directly onto the fixing plate, then a special perforated carrier rail can be used. It's fixing hole layout allows the use of any of the four types of clamping saddles.

Plastic mounting carriers provide safe insulation between the busbar (10mm x 3mm) and the fixing plate and are needed when different potentials are involved.

As with any of the mounting options, the clamping unit can be brought very close to the unshielded part of the cable, resulting in an optimum efficiency. NHP 03 9429 2999.

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