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article image For use with three-phase motors ranging from 7.5kW to 110kW at 400V ac.

NHP has released the AuCom CSX and CSXi compact soft starters. They are designed for use with three-phase motors ranging from 7.5kW to 110kW at 400V ac.

They have a number of features aimed at simplifying the installation and commissioning process while significantly reducing the installed cost. The Equi-Vec balanced vector control technology enhances the performance of two-phase soft start controllers. By balancing the current vectors during motor starting the CSX and CSXi are able to provide three-phase performance while maintaining the commercial and mechanical advantages normally associated with compact soft starters. Each model has a built in bypass contactor. This reduces the potential for excessive heat built-up, eliminating the need to force cool enclosures.

The CSX and CSXi products are intended for different applications. The CSX is a cost-focused, open loop, controlled voltage soft starter suited to DOL and Star/Delta upgrades. The more feature-rich closed loop, controlled current CSXi aims to fill the gap between the low-end and high end, high cost soft starter products. It provides soft start and soft stop control with motor protection functions.

Both product lines are complemented by a series of plug-in serial communications modules and a remote operator.

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