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Bells, buzzers, hooters and sirens

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article image Mono 72 motor driven siren.

KLAXON Signals’ range of audible and visual warning signals, including bells, buzzers, hooters and sirens, is now available from NHP .

The Mono 72, and Duplo are powerful motor driven sirens, which produce a clear and high sound.

With a weatherproof design, they are used both indoors and outdoors for fire and security alarms, process control alarms and general safety warning systems.

Their rugged construction can be used in all arduous conditions including mining and quarrying. They are available in a choice of voltages, and have a continuous rating and long life.

The Super M is also a powerful motor driven siren producing a very high sound. Designed for surface mounting, it has a separate mounting bracket which is fixed first to allow for easy installation.

It comes pre-wired with a one metre cable. It has a weatherproof construction when wall mounted and is suitable for continuous use. Super M is suitable for security and fire warning applications where a higher sound output is required in areas of high background noise.

A vertically mounted version, Super V is also available and is fitted with a protective cover.

The SO4 is a general purpose, low frequency sound siren for vertical mounting and designed for outdoor warning over small areas. Manufactured from cast aluminium, it is rugged in construction, weatherproof, has a continuous rating and long life.

For mounting where freezing conditions are a possibility, a de-icing heater and thermostat are available to prevent ice forming on the rotor, thus preventing operation.

The SO4 is suitable for security, flood, evacuation, disaster and quarry blast warning applications.

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