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Arc detect relay system

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article image Tripping pulse generated less than 1ms after ignition of the arc.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products has released the Camto arc detect relay system, designed to reduce the dangerous and costly effects of arcing faults in high and low-voltage switchboards. These faults are very serious especially in switchboards with high short circuit currents.

The tripping pulse of the Camto arc detect system is generated in less than 1ms after the ignition of the arc. Due to the restricted arcing time, excessive pressure is not permitted to build up within the switchboard, reducing the risk of injury to personnel.

The arc detect relays are designed to operated all commercially available trip coils. An optocoupler electrically separates the input and output circuit, ensuring the relay remains resistant to mechanical shock. The arc detect relay also has a conventional relay output to provide indication of operation as well as a test facility and light sensitivity adjustment.

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