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Affordable solution for motor protection

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article image CEP 7-B -- neat and economical.

THE Sprecher + Schuh CEP 7-B electronic overload relay presents an affordable solution for motor protection. Available from NHP , this product provides a compact solution with many useful features.

Selectable trip classes (10, 15, and 20) offer the flexibility to match the overload relay to the load requirements.

Ground fault detection at sensitivity levels of between 40% and 60% makes the CEP 7-B a neat and economical solution for identifying earth faults before they become short circuits causing serious damage.

The CEP 7-B offers jam/stall protection, resulting in rapid load disconnection in the event of high overload currents.

Auto/manual reset, a test button, visual trip indication and a separate N/O signaling contact makes the CEP 7-B a feature-packed unit capable of mounting directly to CA 7 contactors or mounting separately.

DIP switches and a current setting dial are located on the front of the device to provide simple configuration and easy access.

CEP 7-B offers all the advantages of a conventional electronic overload relay such as improved single-phase sensitivity and low power consumption (150mW) with the added benefit of in-built ground fault detection.

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