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Adroit SCADA HMI Version 5 released

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NHP Electrical Engineering Products has announced the release of Adroit SCADA HMI Version 5.0.

Built on legacy of Version 4.2, market driven improvements to Version 5.0 are the result of 24 months of product research, and Adroit's expansion into the building management market segment.

Most notable functional enhancements to the core engine include a new Custom Agent and Project Explorer, which further enhance the SCADA's fundamental ease-of-use technology.

Adroit also now ships with an OPC Server Component to ensure the easy sharing of data with other OPC compliant process applications.

The new Custom Agent enables the development of customised agents for complex devices or machines. Clients create their own agent types resulting in CSV definition files and VBS script implementation files.

The flexibility of this version means that power-users need only use code for increased intelligence in agents. This tool is powerful enough to amalgamate complex devices into single server components (agents).

Additional server features include:

* PID Agent's addition to the packages enables consolidation of up to 27 variables into a single agent. The agent acts as a faceplate for external PID controllers.

* AREC Agent forms a bolstered version of multistate agent used for complex drive state configuration. An AREC agent is essentially a truth-table agent with sequencing intelligence supporting 32 inputs and 256 states.

* Real-time catch-up of analogue, statistical, counter and expression agent data is enabled through internal data synchronisation between master and newly started standby servers further improving the products active clustering capabilities and information redundancy.

* Datalog backups provide long-term storage solutions for historical information to CSV files. Configured for a predetermined time period, the package will back-up data to a predefined location, which can later be viewed in Excel or a lightweight standalone viewer included with the Adroit distribution.

* A new Scheduler Agent has been added to provide an easy to configure solution to accommodate complicated schedules without the use of coding.

* Perfmon Agent monitors PC, OS and application performance counters.

* Further enhancements include data logging of multiple tags to a single ADO table, improved triggered calculation in the statistical agent, addition of good / bad transaction slots and successful transaction status slot in DBAccess Agent. Custom queries are also supported in the DBAccess agent.

The most significant addition to the software's UI features is the Project Explorer, a user interface offering a visual overview of the complete SCADA configuration.

The new tree-type Project Explorer allows for simpler access and configuration of local and remote Adroit servers. By connecting to remote servers, Version 5.0 offers the ability to configure the servers from a single location.

It is possible to explore server, mimic and security configuration from Project Explorer.

Additional UI features include:

* JPG Publishing allows snapshots of mimics and trends to be automatically saved to JPG static pictures at a regular rate, or when triggered from a tag.

* DLL execute command behaviour to assist power-users and SI's to integrate advanced UI features.

* Menu execute command behaviour allows access to more menu functions via a mimic button designed specifically for touch screen applications. Functions include Log On, Log Off, Silence UI Alarm, Plant VCR and List Mimic Tags.

* Operation action on press performs operator actions on mouse button press.

* Script editor has been added for Script and Custom agent design. This full colour syntax tool replaces the use of notepad.

* Further enhancements include multi-coloured backgrounds, text and animation for buttons associated with system tags.

Logged on user names and alarm silencing capabilities can be linked to a tag, alarm windows are able to specify security groups to be applied to the local and global acknowledge buttons, a support program to gather and transmit the information to the Adroit support desk and easier closing of dialog boxes used during mimic editing.

Version 5.0 provides SCADA and industry relevant improvements extending the scope and flexibility of the product while harnessing Adroit's commitment to continuous innovation in ease-of-use.

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