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Add-on earth leakage modules

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article image Protect against indirect contact, direct contact and fire.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products has released Din-Safe-M add-on earth leakage modules for the Terasaki range of miniature circuit breakers. They contain all the necessary parts to combine the earth leakage module and the Din-T MCB to form a combination MCB/RCD.

The modules include protection, clips and assembly instruction sheet. The combined Din-T MCB/Din-Safe-M earth leakage module has two operating toggles which indicate the reason for the trip. When an overload or short circuit occurs the Din-T MCB will operate. If an earth leakage occurs, both toggles will move to the off position. The modules protect against indirect contact, direct contact and fire, with trip sensitivities of 30mA, 100mA and 300mA.

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