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Test equipments from NESCO Electrical Products

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NESCO Electrical Products  several test equipments. The different categories under which the test equipment can be classified include appliance testing equipments, clamp metres, insulation testers and multimeters.

NESCO Electrical Products provides variety of insulation testers. The AEMC 5kV insulation tester consists of a weather proof case and an automatic power off. This device can be used for displaying the leadage current and the capacitance. The AEMC insulation tester consists of a backlit dual display that shows the measurement and voltage values.

The Major Tech TRMS DMM is a multimeter that is designed according to safety standards. This consists of an auto power off. The major Tech Basic DMM consists of continuity buzzer and diode.

The Major Tech 200A clamp metre can measure frequency from 0.1 Hz to a maximum of 1 kHz. It consists of auto power off and a low battery indication. It is made of a protective rubber over mould housing. The clamp adaptor has a conductor size of 15mm diameter. It consists of standard banana plug inputs. The output is 1mV/Amp.

NESCO Electrical Products electrical provides appliance testing equipment. The isolation transformer is used for testing of RCD.

NESCO Electrical Products’ product portfolio includes liquid lanolin general purpose aerosol. It acts as a lubricant for cutting, drilling, pressing and machining.

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