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Special purpose metres from NESCO Electrical Products

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NESCO Electrical Products  provides special purpose metres. The different categories of this product are combination kits, environmental testers, high voltage, loop impedance, earth testing, phase rotation metres, RCD testers and special purpose metres.

The digital RCD tester is used to measure the voltage form line to earth and gives the readout of the disconnection time. Another RCD tester is the RCD tripper. The test current ranges from 10 to 35 mA.

Non-contact voltage tester helps in detection of microwave leakage greater than 5MW/cm. This device is a DC polarity tester. MT401 is a non-contact test pencil. This double moulded, rugged case is suitable against wire insulation. The non-contact test pencil is usually used on 50/60 Hz circuits. The non-contact test pencil consists of a red LED indicator. This non-contact test pencil is regarded to be portable with its pocket clip and convenient size.

The phase rotation tester is a type of phase rotation metre with fused test leads. This device can be used to check the phase rotation through a rotating disc. Other types of the phase rotation metres are the motor direction or the phase rotation tester and the phase rotation test with test lead fused. The latter consists of lamps that can indicate the if a phase is open.

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