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Safety products from NESCO Electrical Products

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NESCO Electrical Products ’ portfolio includes appliance test tags, critech surge protection, cable location and tracing device, test equipment, remote control, safety products, SANWA test equipment, switches and indicators.

NESCO Electrical Products provides variety of safety products such as first aid kits, gloves, lockout devices, safety kits and safety accessories. The safety kits of NESCO Electrical Products include LV insulating rubber mat, switchboard rescue kit, personal protection equipment kit and house service fuse extractor kit.

The fuse extractor kit consists of fibre glass stick with size of 3 x 1.8 metres. This kit is useful for the attachment of HP-270 proximity tester.

The switch board rescue kit comprises of high visibility container. The roof workers kit consists of devices that are used for anchorage. The personal protection kit consists of products that protect skin, ear, eye etc.

The safety accessories includes canvas tool bucket. The bucket can hold up to 10 kg weight. NESCO Electrical Products provides different types of gloves. These include class A rubber gloves, cotton knitted glove liner, rubber gloves1000V. The lockout devices include UCL-5, UFL-2, 1484B, 1483B, MFL-1 and UCL-2.

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