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Tripper drivehead for conveyors from Nepean Group

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The "Tripperdrive-400" was designed, built and serviced by Nepean Conveyors, the conveyor business of Nepean Group , as a 'Package' concept to allow conveyors to be extended beyond "normal" maximum length. The extension was inhibited by the current belt strength available in the industry. Load (tension) sharing between the conventional delivery jib and Tripperdrive lowers the jib high tension by up to 38%, now taken by the tripper drive.

The result is that the conveyor may now be extended further inbye without overstressing the existing belt of the conveyor. Further benefits such as lower belt elongation and lower "all round" belt tensions, along with little or no resultant aborted start high belt tensions are obtainable by installing the Nepean Conveyors "Tripperdrive - 400".

The Tripperdrive–400 reduces T-Max belt tensions, lowers T-2 belt tensions (slack side tension), allows considerably longer belt installations using existing belt type and strength, without reducing capacity and has little or no resultant high destructive belt tensions due to aborted starts or power loss aborted starts.

Its short, compact design allows for rapid removal or installation in a single cut through. It can be supplied with modular installed power of 150 to 400kW and can be driven in power/load sharing sequence with outbye drivehead using the Nepean Conveyors. The Tripperdrive–400 has "Boss-400" soft start and slave drive module with underground belts by Nepean Conveyors.

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