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T.P.T. Eddycurrent winches available from Nepean Group

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The T.P.T. (Torque Proportional Tension), available from Nepean Group , is an addition to the eddycurrent winches. Reaction sensitivity is now at optimum because the winch is controlled by drivehead torque, not sensing resultant belt tension loss or slack side tension.

The Nepean conveyors, eddycurrent couplings and Torque 4 or Torque 5 controllers can ensure maintenance free constant or torque proportional tension and variable speed take-up to all loop, tail end and belt storage winching requirements.

The Nepean conveyors, T.P.T. Eddywinch is fast and reactive. The T.P.T. Eddycurrent winch has take-up tension directly proportional to drivehead transmitted torque and take-up response sensitivity that does not wait for the belt to move.

The T.P.T. Eddycurrent winch includes variable speed take-up, and haul off from 0 through to 1200mm/p/second, 30kw units through to 110kw twin drives, and is suitable for fabric, solid woven or steel cord belts. It has constant tension at variable speed if required (start, run, stop preset tensions). The T.P.T. Eddycurrent winch has a simple, rugged design and does not need maintenance. It is supplied with oil immersed wet service slip or park brake.

The T.P.T. Eddycurrent winch has:

  • (76 units underground in Australia)
  • (28 units underground in South Africa)

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