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Conveyor products and services from Nepean Group

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Apart from designing and manufacturing conveyors, Nepean Group ’s conveyor business installs and services a range of conveyor equipment from delivery jib and drivehead, through to loop take up and boot end, specialising in the materials handling and underground coal mining industry.

Rapid advance, rapid retreat conveyor components through to project managed design-supply-install packages with training and back-up service are available to clients from Nepean Conveyors.

Nepean Conveyors have over 20 years of materials handling experience and development knowledge. Ongoing research and development is conducted to produce the latest technology Australian-manufactured conveying equipment. Nepean Conveyors service customers from North Queensland to Southern NSW and WA.

Nepean Conveyors singularly supply conveyor component as well as undertake project management of complete materials handling conveyors.

From the regenerative decline conveyor through to the tripper assisted power shared incline belt, Nepean Conveyors are equipped to solve and supply to diverse conveyor needs.

Nepean Group considers belt life, belt care and lower tensions while designing conveyors. Manufacture of all conveyor components through to project packages are conducted in accordance with the AS3902 standard. Completed equipment is shop tested 150 to 180% of intended client requirements prior to delivery with results of testing strips recorded as part of their quality assurance programme.

Nepean Group also supports the customer through the initial stages of installation and commissioning by providing training and ongoing service until the customer is entirely satisfied with performance and comfortably trained in the operation and maintenance of the Nepean Conveyors product.

From the simple development boot through to the multiple driven clean side-clean side and tripper assisted power sharing modular underground conveyor, Nepean Conveyors have management, practical and technical background, design and manufacturing facilities.

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